Alumnae Reunion 2016

Hammers and Hikes – Alumnae Reunion 2016

Work hard. Have fun. Make a difference…and we did!!

Low Hall received some long overdue TLC from the dedicated group of alumni who came out for our Fall event.

This is a summary of the projects from our Friends of Camp Coleman Hammers and Hikes workday event October 14 – 16, 2016 –
  • Exterior doors – applied Gel Stain to interior and exterior surfaces; Recommend all future replacement exterior doors should probably be metal doors and painted with Gel Stain.
  • Storage closets – emptied, cleaned (walls, floors, shelves), inventoried, trash removed;  one is now equipped with tools to hang all brooms, dust mops and should extend life of brooms; helium tank found; boxes of camp records were not in these closets; closet doors removed, refurbished, repaired and kick plates added to bottom to prevent further damage; missing decorative hinge replaced.
  • Windows – all 574 individual panes cleaned with vinegar solution inside and outside; screens cleaned and several were returned to windows; list of broken window panes, latches in disrepair and torn screens noted for future repair.
  • Historic Pictures – sorted, a system was established to identify and label those with information, and scanning into a computer has begun; plan will be designed recommending those that should be framed and/or placed into scrapbooks and made available for all to enjoy.  Originals will be protected at all times.  Project is ongoing by a now established Historic Pictures Committee, chaired by Linda Layfield.  Recommend enlarging the pictures of JGL and Gertrude Coleman for display near the fireplace and we are researching economical solutions.
  • Fireplace – donated several possible items for display (which can be changed as other items are donated or found); 2 rocking chairs from Cracker Barrel have been purchased and donated with plans to add more as donations are received.  Unnecessary items found were placed in the closet for easy access.
  • Partition Wall – cleaned, painting begun; recommending a mural of Cahaba River with canoes and actual paddles be added as focal point for room.
  • Metal Top Tables – will be cleaned, refurbished and painted to coordinate with partition wall behind them, again to complete the focal wall effect when entering Juliette Low Hall.  The alumnae will complete the table project in between applying last coats of paint on exterior doors.
  • Wall hangings – carved wooden GS emblem polished and removed from damaged burlap canvas. World Association wall hanging is possibly beyond repair, but we hope to discover its history and possibly reproduce, if applicable to the history of Low Hall or Camp Coleman.  Camp memorabilia has been offered and will be solicited with recommendations to display on walls around Low Hall, and with attention to preserving for long term display.  If multiple donations or loans are received, recommend a rotating display system.
  • Book Shelves – plans discussed to refurbish and restore as resource and scrapbook location, as well as flag and flag ceremony resource area.
  • Chairs – close inspection of all chairs revealed the majority, if not practically all, have serious cracks, chips, rusted surfaces and missing feet, which can cause scratches, pinches and even accidents, as they are not noticeable to a child’s eye initially.  We have contacted the manufacturer, who has quoted a discounted price of $25, with possibilities of further discount with bulk purchase, and free shipping.  An initial donor has already pledged $1500 toward replacement of 100 chairs!  We recommend replacing all at one time and either in one or two colors to  help overall appearance for potential marketing for community events.
  • Landscaping – we have several experienced gardeners in our midst, including a certified Native Plant expert!  A group has formed to research and present ideas to enhance and create a sustainable garden plan for the building.  We hope this will begin this fall, upon learning that many of these plants should be started in the fall.
  • Bathroom upgrades – input from several, including council maintenance staff.  Unique solutions to the room design were suggested, including a different placement of the exterior door, which would significantly reduce amount of reconstruction needed and consequently, cost. Measure twice, cut once!